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Meet Mike & Karla Petrich

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Karla and Michael Petrich, of Menifee, CA, have not only handled the heat, but have used it to fuel their passion, designing dream kitchens for all of Southern California. 


Karmichael’s Cabinetry, a play on the names Karla and Michael, has transformed local homes and home values, one kitchen at a time. The Petrichs specialize in custom kitchen renovations, committing to high quality construction, European-built production equipment, and lasting design.


But these are just the facts. Here is where the story really begins…


It took Mike moving from Minnesota to San Diego, joining the Marines and serving our country, working the night shift at a cabinet shop owned by firefighters, and drumming on the side to discover his true talent for cabinetry craftsmanship. 


At the same time, Orange County native Karla helped people get into their homes, working in the mortgage industry. Her brother was a cabinet maker, and while she knew her way around the shop, never did she expect she would be at the forefront of the business. 


Karla and Michael were set up on a blind date 20 years ago, and since, the couple has been together 24/7. 


The two developed Karmichael’s Cabinetry and Poppa’s Barn, a reclaimed-wood shop. From initial bids to project follow-ups, Karla and Michael always bring their fun and easy-going personalities, with over 37 years of experience. 

Meet Poppa's Barn

Authentic Reclaimed Wood 

Poppa's Barn is part of the Karmichael's family. What the heck does that mean? Mike, of Karmichael's Cabinetry, is also Poppa, of Poppa's Barn! 


Poppa's Barn launched in 2016. 


Driving through the woods of Minnesota, Mike, better known as Poppa to his nine grandchildren, was immediately inspired by an old red barn. 


Mike headed back home to Southern California and turned an old pile of wood into a feature wall. He knew there was more to reclaimed wood, crafting shelves, mantels, tables, and more, transforming the way people felt in their homes.  


Poppa's Barn brings over 30 years of experience to make your ideas a reality—reclaiming homes and businesses nationwide.

Karmichael's Cabinetry loves to incorporate reclaimed wood into its designs, like in this entertainment center or kitchen. Reclaimed wood is natural, sustainable, and beautiful. 

Learn all about Poppa's Barn reclaimed wood here.

Use promo code "karmichaels" for a free sample kit. 

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